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We’re a creative agency located in London, Great Britain.
We specialise in taking your brand to the next level.

About Us

The Brand Mix is a full-service hotel agency. We work with clients on a global scale to supply online and offline marketing strategies and sales solutions. We enhance your brand’s online presence and generate direct revenue for your hotel or hospitality organisation, all at a measurable cost of acquisition.


We team up with hotels to reduce dependency on OTA’s and promote offers through paid campaigns, such as SEO and PPC. We recognise and harness the value of advocacy, honing in on its power to reverberate guest experience throughout online communities. Our Advocacy and Trip Planner solutions optimise brand awareness via social media platforms, resulting in higher rates of bookings. This has the added benefit of conjuring user-generated content that may be used for online marketing.

The Proof is in the Results

The Brand Mix is built upon the sturdy foundation of an experienced and professional marketing team. We provide individualised support for your hotel, assisting you with digital solutions, direct sales, and marketing. We are a full-service agency, capable of working alongside your existing sales team, or should you be without, acting as your dedicated and integrated sales office. Our goal is to maximise revenue for your hotel or destination. With offices in London, Rome, and Venice, we’re at the epicentre of the UK and European markets.

The Brand Mix