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Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is amongst the best days for deals and busiest shopping weekend of the season. Don’t miss out on valuable revenue. See below for some promotional top tips, including pop ups, banners, count-down clocks…

Some Tips for Black Friday Success

1. Offer a sneak peak
Create teaser campaigns from early October to drive awareness of the upcoming event.

2. Save some of your fab discounts for Monday
Sales and promotions are expected to reach a peak on Cyber Monday, rather than Black Friday. Little know fact. Use this insider knowledge to maximise revenue.

3. Start early. Finish late.
Deals are often available days in advance or continue on after the weekend.

4. Be creative. Have them coming back for more.
Consider offering sliding scale offers, deal of the hour, custom packages, surprise rewards or incentives.

5. Make the most of hashtags
Remember to take advantage of Black Friday-focused Instagram hashtags. Use these in conjunction with your regular hashtags and promote across all social media channels.

6. Spend more to earn more
Increase your ad spend to drive awareness in a highly competitive market.

7. Reward loyalty
Consider running a VIP Offer to give a little extra to repeat customers.

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Pop-Up Templates

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