Bulk Buy Gift Vouchers

Purchase multiple vouchers in one transaction

Bulk Buy Gift Vouchers

Our Gift Card Bulk Buy option allows for multiple vouchers to be purchased in one transaction and for them to be sent to multiple addresses. It can be offered to corporates as a way for them to reward their team or their clients, or it can simply be used to incentivise customers to make a purchase.

The ability to purchase multiple vouchers in the one transaction and send them to multiple addresses can be used as:

Employee Bonuses

Customer Incentives

Employee Rewards

Our intuitive voucher solution makes it easy to include bulk buys and sends as part of your corporate, loyalty or acquisition strategy.


Customised and Private links for corporates to purchase bulk buy vouchers

Can send either cash vouchers or gift experiences or products

Offer a cash incentive to be redeemed against a product or future stay to incentivise customers

Motivate employees with gift cards in recognition of strong performance

Customer promotions – offer a discount or promotional offer to loyal customers

Can choose from multiple denominations

Customise with different messages or amounts for each recipient

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