This is where it all began. This is our speciality.



This is where it all began. This is our speciality.

The Brand Mix was founded on a shared passion for hospitality and we have been refining our skills ever since. Now, let us share them with you.

We saw a gap in the hospitality market. Room for higher quality websites, responsive booking engines, easy to purchase vouchers, and innovative Digital Marketing solutions. Since striving and ultimately succeeding to fill the gap, our horizons (and aspirations) have expanded. We never stop inventing. And that’s the fun of it!

Our years of catering to clients all over the world means hospitality is not only our top priority, but something that comes naturally. By following our Digital Marketing advice and implementing our world-class technologies, your property’s online presence will flourish.

It can be difficult to stand out in such on oversaturated market.

Let us show you how to carve out your section of the online world and attract the attention your property deserves.


Digital Marketing

Your brand is something special. Don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops. A strong online presence is vital in the current market. We’ll show you how to maximise your reach and multiply your revenue

Website Design

To prevent customers from clicking away and taking their business elsewhere, your website needs to be fast, secure, responsive, and optimised across all browsers and devices. Not to mention visually inviting. Luckily, web design is our specialty


Having a strong Search Engine Optimisation strategy will allow your brand to climb atop the search engine ranks. Get it just right and your brand will become synonymous with quality. Why would guests go anywhere else?

Voucher Engine

Now we’re talking! Upsell your product with an alluring voucher offering. Once purchased, the voucher may cashed in whenever the customer desires. It’s all about choice – buying what they want, whenever they want


It’s easy to underestimate the value of Pay Per Click advertising. But you quite literally can’t afford to. PPC is the way forward and you decide your spend. The Brand Mix has a demonstrable history of successful PPC campaigns. Yours could be next

Booking Engine

Not only is our Booking Engine an easy-to-use and effective solution for increasing direct bookings, it also fits seamlessly into your property’s website. The service is sophisticated in design and functionality. It’s time to take back your guests

Hospitality isn’t your scene? Luckily, we’re also champions of Retail.


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