Marketing your way

out of a pandemic…

Marketing your way out of a pandemic…

Difficult times call for creative solutions! Supercharging your digital strategy will support your business both now and in the future. Focus on:


Organic search has become even more relevant with restricted budgets limiting paid advertising campaigns. Optimise seasonal, short-term content and “evergreen content” or content that is always relevant, will support engagement with your brand. Remember to keep the content fresh, relevant to your market, and engaging with images or videos. Incorporate keywords, but do so naturally, avoiding keyword stuffing and ensure the content answers searchers’ questions and has the right tone.


Plan ahead with offers. Support content for 2021! Valentine’s, Easter, Summer Breaks. Get in early to drive engagement and direct bookings. Enhance the offering with creative designs, engaging calls to action, and fully optimised landing pages which, if created early, will have time to achieve strong organic rankings.


People are looking for some escapism. To plan for the future. To feed their wanderlust. Ensure your social media channels are engaging, reassuring, and inspiring. With more people working from home than ever before, social media is a great way to connect. Keep it real! Remember the power of stories to engage and reassure, support UGC when possible, and encourage the wanderlust!


Recent research in has highlighted Smarter, Kinder, Safer as key trends in travel that will impact the industry in the coming year. As expected, health and safety will be key requirements, along with the use of tech to support traveller confidence. “Familiarists”, rather than tourists, will engage local travel. Exploring the world on your doorstep will continue to be seen as safer and more sustainable. Changing work practices will also see more of a blur between work and leisure travel. New flexibility in combining work and pleasure. Further growth in both long and short-stay “Workcations”. For many, the pandemic has further increased their awareness of travel’s impact on climate change. As a result, 2021 will need to see more eco-conscious travel options. Mass tourism, with over-crowded attractions and short peak travel seasons, will no longer be at the fore, with many looking to reduce the environmental impact of their holidays.

Safety, sustainability, spontaneity…

An increased interest in outdoor activities, escapism, and exploring the local market, the flexibility that workcations bring, combined with a need for good value. Together, we face new opportunities and challenges as we move towards a “New Normal”.



Encourage your guests to share their authentic, unique, and treasured travel experiences via their personal social media accounts. Ignite the interest of their friends and family. Soon, they’ll be booking with you, too!

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