A Micro-Post on Micro-Moments

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Written by The Brand Mix

11 June 2019

Following investigations into Google’s infinitely clever Micro-Moment marketing strategy, we at The Brand Mix were inspired to publish a Micro-Post.

Those of you up-to-date with the musings of Google masterminds will already be familiar with the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’. To offer a brief explanation to those for whom the concept is new, the ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ is the period that precedes the purchasing of a product or service. The online browsing or research stage.

This is followed by the ‘First Moment of Truth’, where the buyer makes the purchase, and the ‘Second Moment of Truth’, where they use the product or service and decide if it is worth investing in again. In his 2013 book, What’s the Future of Business?, Brian Solis proposed an additional stage: ‘The Ultimate Moment of Truth’. This is where the buyer decides whether their hotel stay, for example, was exemplary enough to warrant raving about online.

As Smart Phones become increasingly prevalent in modern society, so too do “Micro-Moments”. A Micro-Moment occurs when individuals consult their device to validate a pending affirmative action. To give them advice on whether to learn something, go somewhere, do something, or buy something. According to Medium, 82% of Smart Phone users reflexively turn to their phone to influence their decision to purchase while shopping.

A Micro-Moment is comprised of little more than seconds and could be the difference between a guest choosing to stay at your property and taking their business elsewhere. Consequentially, there is no room for confusion when advertising your hotel. Descriptions must be clear, concise, and appealing. Your presence across social media must be tangible and your reviews, ideally, should be glowing.

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