How to Capture Millennial Attention with Advocacy

Colleagues at work very happy lifting their hands in the air

Written by The Brand Mix

28 May 2019

Millennials. Those born between 1981 and 1996. You’ve heard of them. They’ve been the talk of the town for some time now. Though often the targets of avocado toast-based teasing, their impact on global economy is unprecedented. But which industry has flourished the most under their influence?

Easy. Travel.

In the 1960s, international travel was the definition of luxury. Jetsetters were glamourous, and their lives were steeped in mythological exclusivity. Nowadays, almost every corner of the globe seems accessible. To everyone. Affordable travel, fuelled by the insatiable desire for adventure and escapism, has transformed the industry forever.

In the contemporary climate, Millennials are asked to combat high costs of living with unpaid internships and demanding work schedules. Recognising a certain futility in settling down too early, much of their income is deemed disposable and consequentially, spent exploring the globe. According to a recent article on G2 Crowd, Millennials spend approximately €3,900 on travel per annum. This is distributed over three to four trips, creating a world of opportunity for your hotel.

We’re all well-acquainted with the staggering and limitless power of Smart Phones and social media. We need only glance up from our device… to see countless others scrolling through theirs.

In the age of sharing your life online, Millennials tend to opt for “experiences over objects”. This is where The Brand Mix’s bespoke Brand Advocacy tool really shines.

With the power of Brand Advocacy, your guests are enticed to share the news of their recent booking by offering them incentives such as, “Enjoy 15% off your next stay!” The update is broadcast to their friends across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, encouraging them to follow suit.

The tool can be fully integrated into your booking engine and the clever functionality occurs automatically every time. For more information on Brand Advocacy, click here. To get in contact with The Brand Mix, exponentially improve your business, and never look back, click here. But like, no big deal.

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