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Written by The Brand Mix

7 August 2020

Short seasonal stays and Bank Holiday breaks result in welcomed, sporadic spikes in revenue throughout the year. For many, 2020 has told a very different story. Due to the onslaught of COVID-19, the consequential closure of properties, and imposed travel restrictions, Bank Holidays have come and gone with no real impact. But as we approach some kind of new normality, the desire for time off is greater than ever.

Working from home has proven challenging for many and an increased amount of time spent online, browsing Instagram and travel sites, only entices one to chase adventure, despite restrictions still applying. Getaways and road trips within one’s own borders will be the key to relaxation and escapism. While the October Bank Holiday is one to bear in mind, particularly due to its association with Hallowe’en and the potential for family fun, short stays over any weekend will serves as a welcome disruption to routine.

Dubliners will travel to Galway, Londoners to Manchester, Parisians to Nice. There’s so much to discover in our own backyard. Equip your website with The Brand Mix booking and vouchers engines. Do more than just encourage increased traffic and purchases, have the tools in place to effectively respond to them, too. The Irish August Bank Holiday has come and gone. The South African Bank Holiday is just days away. Encourage local travellers to book direct in order to support local businesses.

Neighbours will be dropping by to stay, so make sure they feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated at their home away from home: Your property.

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