The Brand Mix Teams Up with Stellenbosch 360

14th May 2019
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14th May 2019 wpaccessin1

The Brand Mix Teams Up with Stellenbosch 360

At The Brand Mix, our focus has always been international. Due to the supremely vast and borderless nature of the online world, the trembles of digital marketing strategies, if done right, may be felt in every corner of the globe.

Successful engagement is the cornerstone of our business; be it communicating with our clients via scheduled reports or facilitating fruitful social media interactions between our clients and their guests. To allow greater opportunity for face-to-face advisory services, The Brand Mix has offices in London, England and Cape Town, South Africa.

Mere minutes from our Cape Town offices, we are blessed with views of the Stellenbosch countryside. Emerald vineyards spread their leafy branches over the mountainous landscapes that stand at their back. The region could not be more inviting where exploration is concerned.

In spring 2019, The Brand Mix in South Africa joined forces with celebrated marketing organisation, Stellenbosch 360. The organisation was founded on the innate desire to experience the wonders of South Africa; a sentiment that resonates with all those that have marvelled at its beauty.

The Brand Mix has begun fitting Stellenbosch 360 partner websites with our bespoke voucher engine, allowing customers to conveniently purchase vouchers for each captivating experience. From luxury accommodation, to unforgettable dining, to leisurely wine tours, to once-in-a-lifetime adventure experiences, the Stellenbosch 360 portal has it all. In one place.

Always wanted to visit South Africa? Make your experience the best it can be with Stellenbosch 360. Voucher engine technology crafted by The Brand Mix. Memories crafted by you. Click here to visit the Stellenbosch 360 website.