Commence the Creepy Countdown

Front entrance to a house with decorated Halloween pumpkins along the steps

Written by The Brand Mix

16 October 2020

A very Happy Friday! It’s your friendly neighbourhood Brand Mix team, dropping in to remind you that Hallowe’en (and the accompanying long weekend) is just around the corner! You know what that means. Time for some spooky family fun.

Let’s get your website and digital marketing strategy ready to go. From email marketing campaigns to banners, pop-ups, and PPC advertisements across various search engine giants, it’s time you spread the word. Make the most of your property’s sprawling grounds by setting up terrifying treasure hunts and costume competitions for the little ones. Meanwhile, parents can sit back and relax, taking in the autumnal atmosphere.

Fit your advertisements with a countdown clock to heighten the sense of immediacy. After all, it only comes one night a year. 2020 has gotten off to a difficult start and many are yearning for a break away. So, help them relax and unwind. Goodness knows they deserve it. And perhaps make things more exciting by throwing in a few bone-chilling surprises. The possibilities are endless.

Need a hand getting your scary strategy in place? Drop us a line. We’ll ensure you and your guests have a scream.

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