Customer Experience is King

25th June 2020
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25th June 2020 wpaccessin1

Customer Experience is King

“Content”. The buzzword of the 21st Century.

There’s no denying quality online content is indispensable. Well-written copy, engaging videos, “Instagrammable” photography (yes, that’s an expression now). These are the cornerstones of cultivating a captivating Internet presence.

As we have discussed before on the TBM blog, regular publication of content across your own website and social media channels is essential. The practice not only improves your search engine ranking but is guaranteed to boost Click-Thru Rate (CTR).

Some might float the familiar expression, “Content is King”.

Yes, its importance is indisputable but there’s a new crown in town.

Customer Experience.

This concept spans the entire customer journey, from discovering to booking to ultimately enjoying what your property has to offer. Research by American Express found that up to 86% of customers pay more for a better experience.

Happy customers are loyal customers.

According to SuperOffice, one in three customers will abandon a much-loved brand after one negative experience. Thus, customer experience is expected to be the number one element to distinguish a brand in 2020! As a result, there’s pressure to deliver. Every. Single. Time. Fortunately, we stay on the ball.

At The Brand Mix, we specialise in customer experience. Our websites are responsive, fully optimised, intuitive, secure, and masterfully designed. Give your customers an experience to remember while we do the same for you. Every step of the way.

Contact The Brand Mix today. Our support team are renowned for being friendly, helpful, and up for a laugh. Or if you’d rather chat via the cyber sphere, we’ve ensured our customer experience online is top of the line. Email We’re happy to help!