Is Economy of Content Key?

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Written by The Brand Mix

17 April 2020

Over the last three years, Google’s algorithms have rewarded websites with a wealth of content. Well-written, varied, and regularly published posts has facilitated higher search engine rankings, which in turn, has boosted organic website traffic.

A 2017 update to analytics meant that sprawling websites were ranked higher than those with limited pages and content. Backlinks to other sites posted on one’s own website implied confidence. They boldly communicate the message: even if a customer were to click away from your site, the magnitude of your product will draw them back. Google appreciates this kind of moxie and rewards those who broadcast it.

Both elements to this update seem counter-intuitive, right?

It’s no secret that customers appreciate smaller websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

And the prospect of leading them away from your website, only to have faith that they will return is somewhat daunting. Particularly when attention spans and customer loyalty are in flux as a result of the vastness and competitive nature of the online world.

How does one respond to such mixed messages with confidence?

Fortunately, at The Brand Mix, we’ve cracked the code. By gaining experience through tried and tested methods, we have come to understand balance. The perfect ratio of content to pages to fruitful backlinks that will not distract potential customer from the uniqueness of your product.

After all, you’re one in a million. And we know just how to make them see it!

Contact The Brand Mix today. We found the key. Let’s use it to unlock your potential. Together.

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