How Email Marketing Became the Industry Underdog

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Written by The Brand Mix

21 May 2019

Back in 2012, when modern social media giants were only beginning to soar, managers and marketers alike predicted the demise of email communication. Longform messaging seemed to become unfashionable overnight, incongruent with the snappy 140-character Tweets on the rise.

Much to the surprise of experts, seven years later, email remains the most pervasive mode of mass marketing. Emails are private, personal, tailored to user preferences, and prevailingly, following the advent of GDPR, permission-based. Customers now opt-in to receive promotional materials and as a result of filtering out the noise, are more likely to respond to calls to action.

Airline sales are the essential paradigm. Not only do they advertise adventure and possibility but are dispatched frequently, generally prefaced with a tantalising subject line, and often fitted with a pressure-inducing countdown clock: “Hurry! Sale must end Monday!” We at The Brand Mix are here to remind you that booking the perfect hotel evokes similar excitement.

A guest’s hotel is the essential base from which they carry out their exploration. It provides comfort at the end of a long day as weary travellers retire to bed in preparation for the next adventure-filled morning.

Cultivate a mailing list to keep your clients in the loop. Fill them in on everything from newsletters to announcements to special offers. The marketing strategy tends to produce the highest return on investment and works in tandem with social media. Who knew one would ultimately complement the other? The modern-day hero shares the limelight with the age-old underdog.

Want to communicate more effectively with your client base? We’ve got the necessary know-how. Contact The Brand Mix today. You won’t look back.

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