First Came the Internet, Then Came…

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Written by The Brand Mix

13 March 2020

We’re in the business of all things Internet. Guests are drawn to your property online with the help of our advertising channels. But what can we tell you about Internet of Things?

If you haven’t already witnessed its wonder, the IoT utilises budding, revolutionary technology to personalise customer experience. You’ve heard us emphasise the unparalleled importance of personalisation and customer experience time and time again, but the IoT takes these fundamentals to a whole new level.

Prior to arriving at your hotel, guests may specify a host of requirements to make their trip the best and most specially tailored it can be. From timed wake-up calls, to food allergies, to the contents of the mini-bar, to films on demand, to gyms access, to cribs, bottles, and nappies for the little ones. Their every need is catered for, before they even arrive. This means they can travel light and experience ultimate satisfaction at your property. Watch the five-star reviews and repeat bookings roll in.

Marriott International, in partnership with Samsung and Legrand, were amongst the first to put the technology into practise. Watch the Internet of Things in action here and prepare your property for the wave of the future. Marty McFly would be proud.

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