Get the Most from your Gift Voucher Offering this Festive Season

Written by The Brand Mix

3 December 2020

Get the Most from your Gift Voucher Offering this Festive Season

This year has shown how gift vouchers are most definitely not just for Christmas. Sales are soaring as they provided a safe and secure way to mark special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

The strong level of growth in the online voucher market can be attributed to the general surge in online sales during the pandemic, the increase in personal use, to safe gifting, and as corporate bonuses to employees.

However, the festive season is still the strongest period for all types of voucher sales. Check out the below tips to make the most of this gifting period:


Go #Hashtag Crazy
It’s time to get social! Push your gift voucher offering via social media platforms. Be creative with your posts and social advertising campaigns! Highlight just how easy it is to click and send. In a couple of minutes, their Christmas presents are sorted.

Search Marketing
It’s never too late to give a bit more attention to your key terms for your gift voucher offering. Make use of our dynamic voucher landing pages to support your SEO. Ensure Christmas landing pages are rich in content and fully optimised. Remember to never let anything go to waste by updating your seasonal landing pages for next year once this season has passed. Add relevant content and updates throughout the year to keep those pages ranking highly for key search terms.

Go Local
Increase the Shop Local and Support Local Businesses message into your advertising campaigns. This has increased in relevance in recent months and demonstrates the solidarity we all feel. Create some gift experiences that will work for your local market and include relevant #shoplocal hashtags into your social media marketing.

Spend Wisely
2020 has been a difficult year for most in the hospitality industry, but investing in targeted paid advertising campaigns will support your gift voucher offering and deliver tracked sales. But remember, be creative to stand out! Use engaging imagery or video and strong calls to action to drive strong results.

Make it Easy to Find the Perfect Gift
Ensure you have a good range of monetary values for your vouchers to suit all budgets. Then enrich the offering with a selection of packages and experience vouchers. Don’t forget to shine a spotlight on the ease of purchase and delivery, along with the flexibility in redeeming the gift, as and when suits.

Don’t Stop Too Soon
For many, the 26th is still a good day for voucher sales, with many leaving it until the last minute to buy a gift for a family member. Although most are sold in the run up to Christmas, the festive period runs until the New Year. Don’t miss out on last-minute festive voucher purchasers by taking down promotions or stopping your advertising campaign too early.

It’s never too late to supercharge your festive voucher offering! Talk to our digital team today for ideas on how to get the most out of this gifting season.

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