Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

Written by The Brand Mix

2 December 2020

Your Holiday Marketing Campaign Checklist

2020 has been a year like no other, making it even more important to bring your A game when it comes to holiday campaigns. Our sister company, In1 Solutions, recently highlighted changing travel trends and the impact they may have on the hospitality industry. It’s even more important to enhance your communications and plan well ahead with your digital marketing campaigns to be fully prepared for whatever the future holds. Consider the following:


Update your COVID-19 content
With restrictions lifting in some markets (while others see extensions or more limitations), ensure your website, social channels, and Google My Business all communicate the current status for your area. Ensure all landing pages, T&Cs, and protocols are up-to-date and continue to communicate health and safety protocols for your guests.

Reassure guests that have already booked (or those considering booking) by highlighting more flexible terms. Consider reviewing all advertised packages and offers to draw attention to those that offer “Pay Nothing Now” or “Free Cancellations”.

The Human Touch
Let them know about your team, i.e., who will be looking after each guest. These little details that reassure your guests. Consider adding a “Staff” page to your website where they can “Meet the Team” ahead of arrival.

Christmas content
Even if your property is not opening for the holiday season, add some festive touches and seasonal greetings to your website. If you are opening, ensure all content is updated. Your protocols for ensuring a safe festive stay must be clearly outlined and easily found. Spread a little festive cheer through ezines, social channels, paid ads, and Google My Business. Spread the word about what you are offering or just let them know you care.

Gift Vouchers – Not just for Christmas
Whether you are open or not, ensure you have your gift voucher offering front and centre in all communications and promotions. Not only are they a safe and flexible gifting option, but they are also the perfect way to plan for a future getaway.

2021 is only around the corner
Add rich and engaging landing pages for events and seasonal offerings. Mid-term breaks, Easter, Valentine’s and summer holidays. Having your offers ready and online collateral in place will drive early direct bookings and enhance SEO. This supports strong rankings to drive engagement and conversions.

Videos and Imagery
Nothing conveys your offering better than strong imagery and video content. Update your main imagery each season, use compelling and unique images for each landing page or social post. As the majority of people prefer to watch rather than read, video now accounts for the majority of media consumed online. Don’t miss out, add video content to your social channels and website to drive engagement.

Make Use of #Hashtags
Remember to take advantage of this season’s focused Instagram hashtags. Use these in addition to your regular hashtags and promote across all social media!

Spend More… to Earn More
Increase your ad spend to drive awareness in a competitive market.

Be Compassionate
2020 has been a hard year for everyone. Remind your customers that you’re here to support them.

Whatever the season, adhering to key marketing fundamentals will ensure you get the most from each campaign. Integrated marketing or a holistic approach will ensure key channels are reached. Continuity of message across all platforms will reinforce the offering. Be clear, avoid creating confusion as this will lead to missed opportunities for your brand.

Stay true to your company philosophies. Strive to create a compelling story. Be creative and engaging. Then, track engagement and measure performance so you can learn from each campaign!

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