Brand Responsibility and Marketing Morality

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Written by The Brand Mix

20 June 2019

In 2019, the travel industry is booming. The breadth of choice that has sprung from its unstoppable growth allows travellers to be more discerning in their choice of airline and accommodation providers. Millennials, along with members of Generations Y and Z, are often exalted in their pursuit of fairness, be it a struggle for equal representation or environmental conservation.

As discussed in previous blog posts, these are also the generations for which travel, adventure, and exploration are the most enticing. In line with their admirable assertion of a pronounced moral compass, they tend to favour brands that are responsible, transparent, and honest in their day-to-day marketing and business operations.

Check out the following insights into moral marketing, a steadfast and rewarding mode of engaging newer generations.

  • Go Green: Modern dismissals of the dangers of climate change are heightening the need for wide-spread sustainability. This is particularly pressing within the hotel sector where large volumes of water are used, excess food from buffet breakfasts goes to waste, and a massive amount of electricity is required to run the establishment. Try implementing greener practices. Ask guests to retain their towels if still clean. Prepare food based on hotel occupancy. Use lower watt light bulbs. Include the changes in your branding but be sincere. Millennials can see right through “green-washing”.
  • Own Up: If you make a mistake, admit to it. Even the biggest hotel can attribute its success to its staff members. Your team may be comprised of motivated individuals, but at the end of the day, to err is human. Taking responsibility for mistakes, publicly or otherwise, is the right thing to do and has been known to get people on your side. If the mistake is honest, the apology is sincere, and the desire to do better is well-founded, there’s always a second chance.
  • Guard Data: Recent data protection scandals have resulted in the seemingly irreversible blacklisting of the companies responsible. According to Axios, since Cambridge Analytica, Facebook’s public approval rating has plummeted. Recent implementation of GDPR laws has meant tightening the bolts on data security. It remains your responsibility to safeguard your guest’s information. In the case of online booking transactions, start by ensuring your domain is SSL secured (https:// should feature in the URL).
  • Persevere: Hotels are losing bookings to AirBnB, but this trend is unlikely to last. Several US cities, including New York, require AirBnB to register certain properties in the same manner as hotels. In addition, the expansion of AirBnB is worsening already urgent housing crises in cities such as Dublin, Barcelona, and Vienna. Younger generations in search of housing will be hit with the greatest sting. For the sake of their moral compass and their future, AirBnB favourability will eventually decline and persistent hotels will come out on top.

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