Hooray! May Day, Pay Day

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Written by The Brand Mix

1 May 2020

Disclaimer: This post was written prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, we were excited by the prospect of the May Bank Holiday and its potential for adventure. We have decided to publish this post in its original form, reminding our readers that there is always something worth looking forward to. It may seem hard to believe in the here and now, but there will come a time when we find ourselves relaxing on a beach, with nothing more to do than appreciate the beauty our world has to offer. When that day arrives, these tips will come in handy. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home, and hang in there. We’re all in this together.

Well, TBM clients, it’s your time to shine like the summer sun! Summer is officially here.

‘Tis the season for hotel stays, fa la la la la.

The world is buzzing with worn-out workers, desperate to make the most of their time off. In a busy marketplace, you have no choice but to stand out.

But how?

At The Brand Mix, helping our clients dominate an over-saturated market is our specialty.

Step one: Offer the guaranteed best rate available on your website.

Step two: Encourage customers to book direct using newsletters and marketing tactics such as PPC. Take back your guests and eliminate the high commissions costs charged by OTAs.

Step three: Upsell, upsell, upsell! Make the most of your facilities. You’ve got a spa onsite? Rooms with balconies on which guests can soak up the summer sun? The option for refreshing cocktails on arrival? Add these options as extras on the final payment screen. We’ll show you how.

Now is your moment. Grab it with both hands. Contact The Brand Mix today.

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