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Written by The Brand Mix

4 June 2019

You know you’ve made it big when your company name is used as a verb to describe its offering. Many of us automatically refer to search engine browsing as ‘Googling’. That is, unless we’re using Bing. Or StartPage. Or Search Encrypt. Or DuckDuckGo. Or CC Search. Or one of countless others.

In a Google-dominated online world, it’s easy to forget just how many search engines are used to navigate the infinities of the Internet. At The Brand Mix, we work tirelessly to improve your search engine ranking by closely monitoring SEO and PPC analytics.

But the question remains: How do you reap success across the board? When your property website is accessed by and filtered through a variety of expansive search engines, the prospect can seem overwhelming.

One word. Metasearch.

Metasearch engines gather, categorise, and rank the essential data listed across popular search engine sites. This is accomplished by dispatching simultaneous, automated queries to Google, Bing, and their lesser-known, but equally effective, counterparts. The top search results are then compiled into a comprehensive master list.

Here at The Brand Mix, we have the skills required to manage your metasearch. We recognise its massive potential as an additional marketing channel and enhance its value with meticulously orchestrated, innovative campaigns.

Enhance brand awareness. Strengthen RevPar. Increase yield bookings. Nurture your relationship with your guests. Gain the upper hand over your competitors. Take back your guests from OTA’s.

All at a competitive cost. All through metasearch. All with The Brand Mix. Contact us for more information.

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