Online Identity: Stay One Step Ahead

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Written by The Brand Mix

10 July 2020

You’ve heard us say it time and time again but the data doesn’t lie. According to a recent study conducted by Google, 75% of U.S. travellers turn to Online Travel Agents when booking hotel stays. Usually, this is done on the pretence that OTAs offer the best rate available.

At The Brand Mix, we know better. You know better. But you need to ensure the customer knows better.

Social media, PPC, SEO, brand identity. In the modern day information super highway, where everyone is battling it out for a place at the top, these cornerstones cannot be ignored. For tips on how to enhance your online presence, feel free to snoop around our blog page. Scroll down; you’re sure to encounter something that will change your perspective for the better. Every day’s a school day!

According to WebFX, at the very least, 55% of wanderlusters like or follow social media pages related to upcoming trips. This helps them stay in-the-know, finding the best deals at the most convenient locations.

Spruce up your website. Whatever you’ve got, flaunt it. And most importantly, offer the best rate available online. Fit it with a guarantee. Monitor what OTAs are offering and top it! Maybe throw in a little something extra; a bottle of prosecco on arrival, breakfast included, a 30-minute spa treatment? It’s those special touches that grab their attention.

Social media gives way to a feeling of connection. Of accessibility. Of humanity. You’re no longer a faceless property if images of your staff or clients are visible online. If you’re contactable at the click of a button. James Waters, Global Director of Customer Services at, once said: “as we operate in an industry that is incredibly personal, emotional and complex, maintaining the right balance between genuine human interaction and efficient automation is something we’re always trying to fine-tune and optimize.”

If the OTAs can do it, so can you. Simply take it to the next level. Then, take back your guests. We’ll show you how.

Contact The Brand Mix today. You’ll be glad you did.

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