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Written by The Brand Mix

2 October 2020

Some things seem to last forever. Overcome all obstacles. Weather the storm. Many social media channels have come and gone in the time it’s taken Facebook to climb the ladder. Despite the Cambridge Analytica scandal, contemporary data woes, the expository narrative of The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010), and the #DeleteFacebook trend on Twitter, the social media giant remains as relevant as ever. The company has acquired Instagram and WhatsApp, amongst others competitors, in an effort to retain longevity. And the tactic seems to be working.

At The Brand Mix, we understand the importance of a strong online presence. We advise our clients, time and time again, to maintain an active and engaging feed. Social media is the way forward, particularly when it comes to ingenious inventions like Brand Advocacy, which allows bookings to soar. Where the foundations of some social channels can be a little rocky based on their track-record, we recommend taking a few steps to cover all the bases:

  1. Don’t rely on a singular social media network to transmit your message to the world. Work on establishing a robust, far-reaching online presence. Publish your offers, updates, and announcements not only on Facebook, but also across Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and your property’s very own blog page. That way, those who no longer spend a great deal of time browsing one channel will see your post elsewhere.
  2. Always link back to your own website for payment pages. Uncertainties around data protection were heightened by social media channels reportedly sharing credit card information with associated apps. While they were not using the information unlawfully by making unsolicited charges, many experienced discomfort upon discovery. Customers are more likely to make a purchase on your SSL secured, GDPR-compliant payment page than enter their credit card details on a social network. While they are likely stumble upon your “Best Rate Available” advertisement on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they will proceed to your website to seal the deal.
  3. Know your audience. While many maintain their account on Facebook out of fear of missing out, losing contact with friends, no longer being able to access photos, or any of a thousand other reasons why we are somewhat reliant on the network, its most active users fall into a particular age range. A recent study by Statista found 25-34 year old men are the most dedicated users of the network. If you’re looking to reach a different demographic, be sure to take a look at the relevant statistics for your brand.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for guidance. Years of experience and staying on top of industry developments and trends means we’ve got the know-how you need.

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