Spruce Things Up for Summer

Written by The Brand Mix

24 July 2020

It’s the height of summer. Temperatures are rising and so too is the desire to get away.

Now is your time to shine! It’s been a challenging start to the year. Goodness knows so many of us deserve a break. As we gradually return to some sort of new normality, encourage your guests to let their hair down and take a load off. Their time is coming.

If international customers aren’t quite ready to avail of the Best Rate Available, as advertised on your website, then perhaps a tempting and tantalising gift voucher. We all love having something to look forward to. Especially when sharing it with someone special.

Focus on the indigenous market for the time being. There’s so very much to see in our own backyard.

These are difficult times. We endorse escapism, hope, and above all, safety.

If your property is still working on getting set up, don’t fret. Work and open back up at the speed at which you’re comfortable. We know you value your guests’ safety and well-being. In the meantime, keep active. Why not work on your online strategy instead? Move over spring cleaning, it’s time for some summer sprucing. We recommend doing a full pass through your website, checking that it’s fully optimised across all devices, SSL secured, free of 404s, fitted with SEO, PPC, and a whole host of summer offers. Banners, pop-ups, vouchers, email marketing campaigns. You name it, we’ve got it. It’s important to keep busy and to stay motivated.

Together, we can beat this.

The August Bank Holiday Weekend is fast approaching. What will you do to prepare?

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