Unlock the Pandemic and Drive Growth in the New Normal

Written by The Brand Mix

12 November 2020

Unlock the Pandemic and Drive Growth in the “New Normal”


Back in March, our sister company In1 Solutions wrote an article on How Best to Respond to the Coronavirus in advance of our first lockdown. With mutterings of multiple outbreaks and second waves, together, we did our best to plan for the unexpected. We adapted our business strategies and marketing tactics in trying circumstances.

Since the spring, we have better come to understand the limitations and the opportunities that present themselves under restrictions. And how this situation continues to change consumer behaviour and expectations. The key pieces of advice are still relevant. Communication, Flexible Bookings, and Gift Vouchers. Highlighted below are some additional suggestions of how best to manage the current restrictions and drive growth in the “New Normal”.


Show Me the Money: Managing Cash Flow in a Crisis

This year, the hospitality industry has faced unprecedented challenges. Managing your cash flow more important than ever. Our payment gateway integrations allow you to proactively promote online sales with our voucher and booking engine solutions. All the while, you can take comfort in the knowledge that all revenue lands direct in your property’s bank account. Right away. At time of purchase. Secure payments to support growth!

Click here to read more about managing cash flow.


Take Control with Our Voucher offering: Rich Functionality you can manage

Vouchers provide a secure and flexible option to treat friends and family… or even yourself once in a while! Rest easy knowing a voucher can be redeemed once restrictions have been lifted. And at a time that suits.

But remember, not all voucher offerings are created equal! You need full control over your voucher offering. We can help!

Click here to read more about our voucher offering.


Dynamic Booking Engine: Adaptable to Changing Circumstances while Supporting Conversions

The way you do business must flexible and quick to adapt. Particularly in the context of 2020. You need a booking engine that adapts to suit those changing circumstances and continues to support conversions. Our booking engine is dynamic and feature rich. Our smart calendar functionality, for example, makes it easy to reflect changes in availability, so that your search accommodation box and booking engine reflect those changes as and when they happen.

Click here to read more about our dynamic booking engine.


Marketing your way out of a pandemic…

Proactive and responsive digital marketing campaigns will support your business during these difficult times. Along with supporting a longer term strategy for getting back to growth, regardless of what the New Normal may hold.

Read more about marketing strategies to focus on now.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. Talk to us about our digital tools. They will enable you to come out the other side, in fighting form!

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