The Future is Video

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Written by The Brand Mix

15 August 2019

Here at The Brand Mix, we keep our finger on the pulse. We recognise trends in the hotel and online marketing industries and respond to them accordingly. We anticipate change so that by the time it’s taken place, we’re already one step ahead.

Our priority is our clients. We monitor their progress closely and advise them based on extensive market research and years of industry experience.

At the same time, we do not underestimate the importance of taking a step back and evaluating our own practices. Around here, we’re true optimists and like to believe there’s always room for improvement! That was how The Brand Mix blog first came about.

While the publication of content online, be it blog post, photograph, or video, is always valuable, the written word is in decline. Of course, it is a long way away from complete eradication. Social media has simply resulted in the art form taking on an entirely new identity.

While Facebook walls are a mishmash of photographs, written posts, and video content, it’s safe to say that the Twitter feed relies primarily on the written word. Even if users are only allowed a maximum of 280 characters to express their thoughts.

According to Buffer, Twitter has approximately 335 million active monthly users. Meanwhile, YouTube boasts 1.9 billion. It’s easy to see where the average citizen of the Internet heads for their daily dose of information.

Clearly, the written word remains effective, but video is reaching a much greater audience. The trick is to establish balance between the two forms of communication. We have already advised our friends in the hotel industry to respond to this demand by creating video advertisements and virtual tours. But at The Brand Mix, we uphold the mantra, “Practise what you preach.”

Next week, our first company video will be going live! Stick around TBM blog page to see what we’ve come up with.

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