TBM Low-Down #3 – What is Brand Advocacy?

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Written by The Brand Mix

22 November 2019

At The Brand Mix, we pride ourselves on being jacks of all online trades. But if there’s one thing we’ve made our own and mastered, it’s Brand Advocacy.

It’s in our name. Feel free to wear it out!

There are non-stop conversations about the power of social media and the role it plays in effective digital marketing. This is undeniable. Fortunately for our clients, TBM Brand Advocacy and social media go together like bread and butter.

But, in less than fifty words, how does it work?

When a customer books direct on your website, they will be prompted to share the news on social media to earn a discount. Their connections will then be enticed to book a stay with you, too. By following the link posted by their friend, they could also receive a discount.

What better way to gain new customers than allowing seasoned clients to speak flatteringly on your behalf? It’s a sincere mode of advertising and guaranteed to deliver. Whose recommendation would you trust more than that offered by your friend, family member or colleague?

Curious about how Brand Advocacy could transform your online performance? Contact The Brand Mix today and never look back.

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