TBM Low-Down #1 – What is SEO?

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Written by The Brand Mix

25 October 2019

Sometimes, being faced with a wall of text can feel overwhelming.

Especially when encountering something new. You want to cut through the fluff and reach the core.

That’s what TBM Low-Down is all about: Broad concepts and (exciting) ideas, broken down into digestible pieces.

And where better to start than SEO? The fundamental philosophy of this profitable practice is to be concise and effective!

So, in less than fifty words, how does it work?

By ensuring the copy on your website is well-written and adorned with powerful, relevant keywords, you can climb through the Search Engine ranks to appear amongst the top results.

All in pursuit of that coveted Click-Thru-Rate. And with the help of TBM, sky-high ROI.

According to ImpactBnD, in 2019, more than 1.3 million businesses benefited from using Google’s online advertising solutions.

Just think what we have and have yet to achieve with more than two decades of experience under our belt.

Curious about what SEO could do for your business? Contact The Brand Mix today and never look back.

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