TBM Low-Down #4 – What is Trip Planner?

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Written by The Brand Mix

6 December 2019

When visiting somewhere new, it can be exhilarating to follow your feet and see where they take you.

While this is a practice in which we should all partake, we often don’t have that luxury when booking a weekend away. Those bitten by the travel bug want to see iconic sites over a condensed period. This means looking for easily accessible, central accommodation.

With Trip Planner, this feat is made easy on customers’ feet.

But, in less than fifty words, how does it work?

By integrating TBM’s Trip Planner into your hotel website, customers are alerted to nearby sites and intuitive routes by which to reach them. Directly from the front door of your hotel! The malleable map is optimised for Smartphone and a magnet for adventure seekers. 

Some clients enhance the attractiveness of the application by offering a hotel shuttle service to transport residents to nearby tourist sites. Now that’s working wonders!

Curious about how Trip Planner could positively impact the number of guests in your hotel? Contact The Brand Mix today and never look back.

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