What Prevails in the Ever-Changing World of Digital Marketing?

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Written by The Brand Mix

20 March 2020

Here’s some food for thought: if the Internet is an ever-changing entity and society is continually chasing the next big technological discovery… What is a reliable and stable channel for promoting your brand online?

MySpace, Bebo, and MSN have fallen by the wayside. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube remain giants of the social media sphere. But in the contemporary fight for privacy, how will they fare in the future? Will the struggle irreparably impact their relationship with advertisers?

For now, their reach is unparalleled, and they certainly won’t be disappearing any time soon. But even so, there is one mode of advertising that has prevailed through every online fad.

You know it. You use it. A whole lot, apparently. According to a study by CampaignMonitor, an average of 121 arrive in your inbox every day.

That’s right: Email.

Ever notice how you rarely unsubscribe to promotional emails? And every now and then, one will catch your attention and encourage you to dig deeper into the offer at hand?

That’s the beauty of email. We’re so accustomed to a busy inbox that it does not warrant the same over-stimulation as a social media feed.

The oldies are always the goodies.

Want to reform your email marketing tactics? Contact The Brand Mix today. Our team have been learning the ways of the inbox for the past two decades. We know our way around cyberspace.

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