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At The Brand Mix, our top prerogative is driving business directly to your website by way of integrated booking and voucher engines. You have the power to take back your guests.

We were once a small business who, by way of innovative business strategies, loyal clients, and strong relationships, went global.
We understand the importance of direct business in growing your influence and profit.

While we guarantee success in driving more customers to your website, there will always be individuals who rely on Online Travel Agencies, such as Booking and Expedia. This often comes down to generational habits and the perception of increased ease.

You shouldn’t exclude this portion of the market.

To win customers, strengthen your property on every front, including across OTAs.

We offer packages starting from R3500 per month, depending on property requirements.

It’s a common misconception that OTAs handle everything themselves.

The information broadcast across OTA sites about your hotel needs to be managed and moderated on a weekly basis.

Content  and rate management plays a massive role in property marketing.

If an OTA site doesn’t advertise the correct rate or has content parity, it could damage the hotels reputation.

We negotiate with OTAs to ensure your property has the best third-party representation possible. We look out for our clients’ best interest. Always.



We optimise your presence across OTA websites

Channel Management

We pay close attention to mapping your service, rectifying errors, and promoting special offers


We boost the click-thru-rate on your property’s advertisements by implementing up-to-date, magnetic digital marketing strategies

Parity Management

Fixing parity discrepancies to ensure your property is appealing on OTAs, while maintaining the best rate available when booking direct

Update Checks

We keep a close eye on how your property is represented across third-party sites, giving you back control

Rate Management

Managing rates to maintain accuracy across room prices, bed and breakfast, seasonal specials, and once-off promotions

Training Seminars

Our representatives attend OTA training session to ensure we are implementing the most up-to-date knowledge and practices


We conduct regular, ongoing industry research and implement our findings into your campaigns


Boosting your ranking across OTAs so that your property is first on everyone’s list

Image Management

We monitor image quality, relevancy, and effectiveness. Are they appealing? Do they catch the customer’s eye? 


Ensuring your property gets the attention it deserves by requesting that it feature on website newsletters and social media platforms

Metasearch Management

The correct rates, descriptions, and images must be broadcast across Meta sites like Trivago, TripAdvisor, and Hotelscombined to ensure the greatest ROI

TripAdvisor Management

Consulting TripAdvisor to ensure reviews and questions are addressed and the listing updated regularly

Competitor Monitoring

Keeping you on top by watching and acting upon competitors’ rates and promotions

Performance Scores

Tracking performance scores and offering reports thereon, where requested

Ever consider recruiting your guests as trusted brand advocates?

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