The Refund Voucher Engine (RVBE) has been carefully designed with your team in mind.  Its functionality is advanced, but making use of its controls is simple. As a result, the facility may be made available, securely, to key members of your team, without the need for extensive training.

No software installation is required as the system operates as Software as a Service (SaaS). It may be accessed via secured HTTPS website links on your preferred web browser, such as Chrome, MS Edge or Firefox.

Your property will be supplied with a URL:*****/refunds/list/bulk-add?cat=all

where the “*****” will be replaced with a unique code specific to your property.

You may input this URL as a link on various PC desktops. Alternatively, it may be confined to a password-controlled page on your website, meaning it is exclusively accessible by your intended team members.

Clicking on the link will display:

There is a Refund Voucher Help screen, fitted with easy-to-follow instructions.

You may issue up to 30 Refund Vouchers at a time. And you may specify the quantity at

To see a pop-up sample of a refund voucher, click on
Depending on the number of vouchers you wish to process, in this case 6, the entry grid will expand in the lower half of the page.
Note the Editing Instructions to the base of the grid.

You may now type in the details of each refund voucher, specifying


The Voucher amount may contain decimals (e.g., 50.77).

First Name:

First Name of Recipient, to match original booking.

Last Name:

Last Name of Recipient, to match original booking.


Email of Recipient, to match original booking.


Entering an original Reservation will connect the refund to the original booking.
The Comment cell is free format. Entering a room booking reservation number, for example, will tie the issued Refund Voucher, in the management system reports, to the reservation for which you are issuing the refund.

The input grid is similar to a spreadsheet, as it might appear in MS Excel or Google Sheets. This is intentional, as it is likely you have extracted a bulk list of clients to whom refunds are due from a Property Management System (PMS) or in-house accounting system. Most systems of this nature can export lists or CSV files to Excel.

As a result, you may build a worksheet such as this:

And simply copy the cells, without the headings, as follows (Do not include the title row):
Once the required Cells are highlighted, use Ctrl + C, or the copy interface by using right mouse click.

And paste to the Refund Engine grid. The simplest method is to click in Cell 1, Row 1 and Press Ctrl + V. Your browser will also have an Edit and Paste facility in the control menu.

Remember, do not include the heading row from the Excel spreadsheet, and paste a maximum of 30 rows. The number of rows will expand automatically to facilitate the number of rows pasted, up to a maximum of 30.

Double click in any cell to update. You may add new rows and delete existing rows.

Regardless of the method, whether pasting from Excel or entering manually, once you have the candidate refund voucher recipients entered, you may

A summary of the Refund Vouchers to be issued will appear.
The Total Value is calculated.

Note: Where more than one voucher of the same value is to be issued, it is grouped and the number of refunds to that value indicated.

Use the trash can icon to remove any unwanted line of voucher values.

To Authorise issuing of the refund vouchers, you will enter the Name and Code supplied for your property’s account. The Name identifies the issuer and the Code is a 16-digit number, similar to that of a credit card.

This use of a credit card-like number is highly secure. There is also the benefit of virtual currencies. These can be allocated to the Card Number and consumed up to a maximum allocation. Therefore, the System Administrator can control the value and volume of refund vouchers issued.

The value on the Virtual Card can be easily topped up to issue more. If there is any concern or uncertainties, it can be easily set to zero and that code terminated.

Note: The funds allocated to the provided Card Number are virtual as this system does not directly consume real funds.

Once all fields are entered and security passed, you may proceed to

The Refund Vouchers are sent instantly.
You then have the opportunity to review each voucher sent.
You may review the PDF as sent to the customer.

An email receipt is sent to the property for each voucher issued.

You are then invited to

Or you may close your session.

Note: All refund vouchers are controlled and reported in the Voucher Management Console (VMC), which is managed by system administration within the property.