Your guests introduce your hotel to the world

Reach the people who matter most.

Encourage your guests to share their authentic, unique, and treasured travel experiences with friends and family online. Each social media post functions as an individualised introduction to your hotel. Become magnetic in a sea of earnest travellers!

You’ll reach the best and broadest audiences each and every day — all without breaking a sweat (or the bank).

Our partnership with facilitates integration of quality referral strategies and brand advocacy tools. Monitor, measure, and maximise your hotel’s impact. On a global scale.


Inspire travellers long before they click “Book Now”.

Your competitors are working tirelessly to hijack your valued and valuable guests. Their advertisements are loud and plentiful. Cut through the noise and come out on top. Offer rich, alluring, and varied travel stories, as told enthusiastically by your guests.

In an online market flooded with flashy campaigns, audiences have come to recognise authenticity when they see it. These candid moments capture attention and inspire more travellers to book direct.

Click the link below to view the Photo River in action. Simply scroll down the homepage to see stories from their most recent guests.

Convert personal reactions into future guests.

As your guests immerse themselves in the splendour of your hotel and its surroundings, they become eager to rave about their experiences online. Descriptions and photographs of these golden moments ripple outwards, making waves across an ocean of friends and family.

Now you’ve done it. You’ve gotten their attention.

Before you know it, the number of future guests to your hotel has multiplied. All thanks to the warm, personal, and organic introductions provided by your guests.

Build a collection of stories well told.

Create a library of authentic, curated content that recounts your hotel’s richest stories. We’ll help amplify your brand (and advise ways to improve on your current strategies).

Capture the minds and hearts of travellers worldwide.

Guests relive their favourite moments, sharing your brand with the ones they love. The Brand Mix turns these in-the-moment introductions into in-the-near-future reservations.

Wildly effective, measurable impact like no other!

Unlock stories being shared about your hotel.
They’ll say, “I want to be there.”
You’ll say “Hello” to brand new guests.

How Does it Work?

Through Guest Reservations

Through Guest Reservations

The moment a guest makes a reservation through the hotel’s online booking engine, they are encouraged to share this exciting news via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. This promotes your hotel and location in a reliable manner, amongst friends and family.

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

The Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn post includes a unique link. This entices your guest’s social connections to click and book through offerings such as “Get a 15% Discount on your Stay!”

Social Connections

Social Connections

When your guest’s social connections click on the link, they are taken directly to your hotel’s website. There, a personalised message awaits, announcing your guest’s (their friend’s) upcoming stay. This is paired with a soft call to action (like “Sign up for your own special offer – Good for the next six months!”). Watch as your pool of future guests expands like never before.