Tips for Voucher Promotional Campaigns

Vouchers are the perfect gift whatever the season or special occasion.

Tips for Voucher Promotional Campaigns

Vouchers are the perfect gift whatever the season or special occasion. To ensure your seasonal promotions deliver the best results you need to plan well in advance and start promoting early.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Festive Gift Vouchers or January Sales, Whatever the seasonal celebration, a well-thought-out and creative promotional campaign will allow you to reap the financial benefits of the season.


Offer a Sneak Peak
Release Teaser Campaigns to drive awareness ahead of key seasonal promotions.

Save some of your Fab Discounts for later
Sales and promotions are well-received during Black Friday / Cyber Monday and the January Sale period but don’t give it all away too soon Keep some discounts back to drive slower off-season periods.

Start Early… Finish Late
For date-specific seasonal campaigns, extend your reach and stand out from the crowd.

Be Creative
Keep them coming back for more! Consider offering sliding scale offers, deal of the hour, custom packages, surprise rewards and incentives.

Make use of #HASHTAGS
Remember to take advantage of each season’s focused Instagram hashtags. Use these in addition to your regular hashtags and promote across all social media.

Spend More… To Earn More
Increase your ad spend to drive awareness in a competitive market.

Reward Loyalty
Consider running a VIP Deal to offer a little extra something special to repeat customers.

Shop Local
Increase the Shop Local and Support Local Businesses message into your advertising campaigns. Create some gift experiences that will work for your local market and include relevant #shoplocal hashtags into your social media marketing.

Be Easy to Find
Enhance your content and focus on relevant keywords throughout the year. Make use of our dynamic landing voucher pages to support your SEO. Remember to never let anything go to waste by updating your seasonal landing pages for next year once a season or event has passed. Add relevant content and updates throughout the year to keep those pages ranking highly for key search terms.

Read our article on Marketing Ideas to Maximise Gift Voucher Sales throughout the year for more ideas.


Here are some examples of how we could help your brand spread the word and attract customers whatever the season.

Valentine’s Day


Mother/Father’s Day

Black Friday Popups

Voucher Panel on Page

Festive Season Popups


Multiple Denominations

The sale of gift vouchers in multiple denominations

Weekend Breaks or Short Stays

The sale of gift vouchers for short getaways and unforgettable experiences

Send by Post or E-mail

The sending of gift vouchers by post or by email

Customised Designs

Tailored designs to complement your website and branding

Easy User Interface

The option to include voucher title, description, and images


The ability to link to a specific voucher category – for example, spa breaks

Custom Landing Pages

Custom landing pages for individual vouchers or voucher categories

Targeted PPC

Targeted PPC campaigns, online reports, and accounting


Sharing and promotion via social media platforms

Digital Marketing

Spread the word with e-zines, re-marketing ads, email banners, and more

Secure Payment Gateway

Secure payment gateway for credit card payments, including Stripe, SagePay, Realex, and Paypal

Refund Vouchers

Keep Cashflow in your business using refunds

Click & Collect functionality

Available to use in our IMC and can be enabled for all or specific voucher types

Dynamic Voucher landing pages

Our voucher engine supports live feeds to website landing pages. These can be based around categories or seasonal offerings and all content is dynamic. 

Voucher Variation and Pooling

Vouchers with the same core offering can be grouped under one front-end voucher.

Bulk Buy Gift Vouchers

As corporate gifts, employee rewards or customer incentives

Talk to our digital team today for ideas on how to get the most out of your voucher offering throughout the year!



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