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How Email Marketing Became the Industry Underdog

Back in 2012, when modern social media giants were only beginning to soar, managers and marketers alike predicted the demise of email communication. Longform messaging seemed to become unfashionable overnight, incongruent with the snappy 140-character Tweets on the rise.

Much to the surprise of experts, seven years later, email remains the most pervasive mode of mass marketing. Emails are private, personal, tailored to user preferences, and prevailingly, following the advent of GDPR, permission-based. Customers now opt-in to receive promotional materials and as a result of filtering out the noise, are more likely to respond to calls to action.

Airline sales are the essential paradigm. Not only do they advertise adventure and possibility but are dispatched frequently, generally prefaced with a tantalising subject line, and often fitted with a pressure-inducing countdown clock: “Hurry! Sale must end Monday!” We at The Brand Mix are here to remind you that booking the perfect hotel evokes similar excitement.

A guest’s hotel is the essential base from which they carry out their exploration. It provides comfort at the end of a long day as weary travellers retire to bed in preparation for the next adventure-filled morning.

Cultivate a mailing list to keep your clients in the loop. Fill them in everything from newsletters to announcements to special offers. The marketing strategy tends to produce the highest return on investment and works in tandem with social media. Who knew one would ultimately complement the other? The modern-day hero shares the limelight with the age-old underdog.

Want to communicate more effectively with your client base? We’ve got the necessary know-how. Contact The Brand Mix today. You won’t look back.

The Power of the Device is in Your Hands

Permit us take an educated guess: You, dear reader, are the proud owner of a Smart Phone. Be it iPhone or Android, it assists you with the accomplishment of day-to-day tasks. It grants access to limitless information, warns of changes in weather, offers directions while driving, and reminds you to feed the cat.

We have grown so accustomed to having these ingenious devices in our hands that we often underestimate their power. In 2016, more than one-third of online transactions were made on mobile. Three years later, the disparity between mobile and desktop has levelled off, with each amounting to approximately 45% of all online transactions. Intriguingly, the percentage of revenue earned remains higher on desktop.

Evidently, while booking flights and accommodation, a considerable number of travellers retreat to the security of the desktop, deeming phone purchases as impulsive. It can be safely posited that guests appreciate the space for manoeuvring afforded by a larger screen.

But don’t let that fool you. Optimising your hotel website for mobile usage remains crucial.

While the final payment may take place on desktop, more than 60% of website browsing is performed via mobile. Smart Phones are where the user carries out research. By the law of averages, that’s how they found your hotel. And that’s where they made the final decision to book with you.

The moral of the story is clear: optimise your website for desktop (all browser types) and Smart Phone. Tablets remain important, of course. Every booking counts. Their influence, however, has fallen slightly behind.

Here at The Brand Mix, optimisation is our specialty. Want to take your website to the next level? Contact us today.

The Brand Mix Teams Up with Stellenbosch 360

At The Brand Mix, our focus has always been international. Due to the supremely vast and borderless nature of the online world, the trembles of digital marketing strategies, if done right, may be felt in every corner of the globe.

Successful engagement is the cornerstone of our business; be it communicating with our clients via scheduled reports or facilitating fruitful social media interactions between our clients and their guests. To allow greater opportunity for face-to-face advisory services, The Brand Mix has offices in London, England and Cape Town, South Africa.

Mere minutes from our Cape Town offices, we are blessed with views of the Stellenbosch countryside. Emerald vineyards spread their leafy branches over the mountainous landscapes that stand at their back. The region could not be more inviting where exploration is concerned.

In spring 2019, The Brand Mix in South Africa joined forces with celebrated marketing organisation, Stellenbosch 360. The organisation was founded on the innate desire to experience the wonders of South Africa; a sentiment that resonates with all those that have marvelled at its beauty.

The Brand Mix has began fitting Stellenbosch 360 partner websites with our bespoke voucher engine, allowing customers to conveniently purchase vouchers for each captivating experience. From luxury accommodation, to unforgettable dining, to leisurely wine tours, to once-in-a-lifetime adventure experiences, the Stellenbosch 360 portal has it all. In one place.

Always wanted to visit South Africa? Make your experience the best it can be with Stellenbosch 360. Voucher engine technology crafted by The Brand Mix. Memories crafted by you. Click here to visit the Stellenbosch 360 website.

Our Brand Brings Blogging into the Mix

Welcome to the newest (and some might say, “most exciting”) addition to our website: The Brand Mix Blog!

Those of you familiar with our work will know, here at The Brand Mix, we’re all about engagement. We’re steadfast advocates of advocacy and wholly passionate about passion projects.

As brand curators, purveyors of online identity, and social media nuts, we figured it was about time we hopped on the blogging bandwagon. We want to offer readers insight into our latest news, reviews, and client success stories.

Since beginning our digital marketing mission back in 2016, we have witnessed incredible growth in the online visibility of our clients. And we have no intentions of slowing down.

Technology is evolving at a staggering rate. As is the hotel industry. At The Brand Mix, not only do we successfully respond to change, we anticipate it. All to keep our valued clients one step ahead, leaving their competitors in the dust.

We work with hotels and hospitality organisations around the globe to expand their online reach. Our brand advocacy tool, bespoke voucher engine offering, and host of digital marketing solutions serve to improve client magnetism in an the flooded online market. Take a gander around our website for a better idea of our robust skill set.

Our team is comprised of competent, capable, and enthusiastic Sales Experts, Digital Marketing Managers, PPC Specialists, Designers, Web Developers, Project Co-ordinators, and Copywriters. Our company is bursting with diverse talent and we value nothing more than their eureka moments!

Curious about the unprecedented profit your property could secure? Growing your business couldn’t be easier with The Brand Mix. Stick around our blog page for a sample of our success stories. We’re chocked full of ’em.

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