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Pass the Posts: How Blogging Improves Your Search Engine Ranking

Google, the Internet giant that wholly endorses innovation culture, rewards its users for embracing similar philosophies.

If you’re currently craving more creative outlets in your day-to-day workflow, you’re in luck!

By publishing regular blog posts, newletters, videos, and photos, your website qualifies as an active content creator, no matter how brief the titbits you generate. Watch as you climb search engine rankings organically!

Rewards for regular posting means this process isn’t just for the creatively inclined. So long as you keep a steady flow of content, you’ll reap the benefits. So keep it simple if that’s your style.

Want to speed up the climbing process? Announce your publications across social media and pair your efforts with The Brand Mix’s bespoke SEO, PPC, and Metasearch offerings.

Contact us for tips and support on making your way to the top.

Show Off That Special Something

Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to drop in on this lovely summer’s day with an uplifting message to match the weather.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in such an over-crowded online world, but remember, there’s something that sets your property apart from the rest. Home in on it, take pride in it, and don’t be afraid to show it off. Make it your own and both your property and advertisements will become magnetic.

Do you have a world-class spa? Restaurant? Stunning grounds? Exceptional staff? Outdoor activities? Partnerships with surrounding leisure centres? Regular shuttle service to the city? Spectacular views of the countryside? Or even something as simple as the best pint of Guinness?

Shout it from the rooftops. Include it in your marketing materials. Don’t be shy. We can help you achieve the impossible! All you have to do is focus on your strengths. Now is not the time for modesty.

As we mentioned in our May Day post, upselling is essential. But once you’ve identified your property’s unique fingerprint, the reputation you garner will speak for itself.

Our design team are masters in creating bespoke websites, banners, and newsletters that match not only your brand, but your property’s individuality. Do you wish to be associated with luxury? Or perhaps you’d like to appear affordable for young travellers on the hunt for adventure?

Whatever your unparalleled strengths, property philosophies, and target market, we know how to mix these elements to create powerful, effective, and unforgettable branding. That’s why they call us The Brand Mix.

Contact TBM today and we’ll help you show off that special something.

Hooray! May Day, Pay Day

Disclaimer: This post was written prior to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, we were excited by the prospect of the May Bank Holiday and its potential for adventure. We have decided to publish this post in its original form, reminding our readers that there is always something worth looking forward to. It may seem hard to believe in the here and now, but there will come a time when we find ourselves relaxing on a beach, with nothing more to do than appreciate the beauty our world has to offer. When that day arrives, these tips will come in handy. In the meantime, stay safe, stay home, and hang in there. We’re all in this together.

Well, TBM clients, it’s your time to shine like the summer sun! Summer is officially here.

‘Tis the season for hotel stays, fa la la la la.

The world is buzzing with worn-out workers, desperate to make the most of their time off. In a busy marketplace, you have no choice but to stand out.

But how?

At The Brand Mix, helping our clients dominate an over-saturated market is our specialty.

Step one: Offer the guaranteed best rate available on your website.

Step two: Encourage customers to book direct using newsletters and marketing tactics such as PPC. Take back your guests and eliminate the high commissions costs charged by OTAs.

Step three: Upsell, upsell, upsell! Make the most of your facilities. You’ve got a spa onsite? Rooms with balconies on which guests can soak up the summer sun? The option for refreshing cocktails on arrival? Add these options as extras on the final payment screen. We’ll show you how.

Now is your moment. Grab it with both hands. Contact The Brand Mix today.

Is Economy of Content Key?

Over the last three years, Google’s algorithms have rewarded websites with a wealth of content. Well-written, varied, and regularly published posts has facilitated higher search engine rankings, which in turn, has boosted organic website traffic.

A 2017 update to analytics meant that sprawling websites were ranked higher than those with limited pages and content. Backlinks to other sites posted on one’s own website implied confidence. They boldly communicate the message: even if a customer were to click away from your site, the magnitude of your product will draw them back. Google appreciates this kind of moxie and rewards those who broadcast it.

Both elements to this update seem counter-intuitive, right?

It’s no secret that customers appreciate smaller websites that are intuitive and easy to navigate.

And the prospect of leading them away from your website, only to have faith that they will return is somewhat daunting. Particularly when attention spans and customer loyalty are in flux as a result of the vastness and competitive nature of the online world.

How does one respond to such mixed messages with confidence?

Fortunately, at The Brand Mix, we’ve cracked the code. By gaining experience through tried and tested methods, we have come to understand balance. The perfect ratio of content to pages to fruitful backlinks that will not distract potential customer from the uniqueness of your product.

After all, you’re one in a million. And we know just how to make them see it!

Contact The Brand Mix today. We found the key. Let’s use it to unlock your potential. Together.

Wishing You an Egg-cellent Easter

There’s no denying these are trying times. Here’s wishing you a safe and healthy Easter, from everyone at The Brand Mix.

We all want nothing more than to spend the long weekend with loved ones, enjoying the unseasonable warmth, and munching on chocolate eggs until we give ourselves a stomach ache. While physical togetherness is not an option at present, that is not to say we are not connected.

Skype, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. Whatever the means, there’s always opportunity to send well wishes to your nearest and dearest.

You are not alone. We will weather the storm. This too shall pass.

If you are concerned about your property’s financial well-being, don’t be. The world is looking forward to a time when experiences may be relished as they once were. Put some time and thought into your gift voucher strategy. Give them something to look forward to.

We’re here, as always, to support you, every step of the way.

Wishing you an Egg-cellent Easter! Remember to take a break from the news and maintain a healthy perspective.

Oh, and avoid going overboard on the chocolate.

The Benefits of Brilliant Branding

If you want others to believe in your branding, you’ve got to believe in it yourself.

There’s a lot to be said for taking some time to re-evaluate your logo, website, and company philosophies. Consider where these elements intersect, how they complement one another, and what has gradually become outdated.

Be brutally honest about where you’re falling short. And take pride in what you’ve mastered.

It’s good to spruce things up every now and again, particularly in such a fast-paced online world. Stay true to your brand’s original vision but don’t be afraid to try something new.

Strive for consistency in aesthetic and cohesiveness in tone. Remember, every detail on your website, no matter how small, should be representative of your overall brand. From web design to formality of phrasing.

Who is your target market? If you’re hoping to engage Millennials, perhaps this could be reflected in social media engagement, minimalist web design, a conversational tone, and whimsical pops of colour.

If you represent luxury, keep things classic and sophisticated with deep colour schemes and lavish photographs of the property.

The Brand Mix Design Team are in a league of their own. After a brief chat, they can pinpoint exactly what you want and what best reflects your brand.

Contact The Brand Mix today to receive invaluable insight from visionary artists. And count yourself amongst hundreds of satisfied customers. Globally.

Checking In During Trying Times

We’re certainly living in strange times, the likes of which none of us have seen before. At The Brand Mix, we’re here through thick and thin. We wanted, once again, to offer a helping hand to anyone who may need it during this uncertain period. Together, we’ll come out the other side, fighting fit!

There will be a time when COVID is a distant memory. But for now, we’re thinking ahead, focusing on what there is to look forward to. As a result, there’s a big gap in the market for vouchers to be redeemed at a later date. There’s always plenty that can be done to keep your head above water. Think outside the box. Get in contact today and we’ll show you how. The key is to never back down.

Our blog posts will continue to flow in a regular fashion, offering marketing advice to take your mind off of the crisis, even for a moment. Don’t forget to take a step away from the news every now and then, for your own well-being. Use this time to strengthen your online presence, it will stand to you in the long run.

Most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home.

Come together by keeping apart.

What Prevails in the Ever-Changing World of Digital Marketing?

Here’s some food for thought: if the Internet is an ever-changing entity and society is continually chasing the next big technological discovery… What is a reliable and stable channel for promoting your brand online?

MySpace, Bebo, and MSN have fallen by the wayside. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube remain giants of the social media sphere. But in the contemporary fight for privacy, how will they fare in the future? Will the struggle irreparably impact their relationship with advertisers?

For now, their reach is unparalleled, and they certainly won’t be disappearing any time soon. But even so, there is one mode of advertising that has prevailed through every online fad.

You know it. You use it. A whole lot, apparently. According to a study by CampaignMonitor, an average of 121 arrive in your inbox every day.

That’s right: Email.

Ever notice how you rarely unsubscribe to promotional emails? And every now and then, one will catch your attention and encourage you to dig deeper into the offer at hand?

That’s the beauty of email. We’re so accustomed to a busy inbox that it does not warrant the same over-stimulation as a social media feed.

The oldies are always the goodies.

Want to reform your email marketing tactics? Contact The Brand Mix today. Our team have been learning the ways of the inbox for the past two decades. We know our way around cyberspace.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Everyone at The Brand Mix

A very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our clients across Ireland and abroad!

Now is a challenging time for togetherness but we wish you healthy and safe celebrations, whatever form they may take. Remember, we’re here to help during this difficult time. This too shall pass.

Contact us for any COVID-19 concerns. Together, we will overcome.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona dhaoibh agus bí sábháilte.

COVID-19: We’re Here to Help

There’s no denying the growing threat the Coronavirus poses to all aspects of our lives. As the infection count rises and further restrictions are applied to travel, events, and large-scale public gatherings, the hospitality industry will suffer in the short- to medium-term. How you react now will help mitigate any damage to your business in the long-term.


Communication is crucial to any business, but in a times of crisis, it is more important than ever. With hourly updates and widespread misinformation on the situation, it is essential to reassure guests. Remind them that all the necessary health and safety precautions are in place across your property. Regularly update information sheets, checklists, and guidelines on your website, front desk, and social media channels. Provide updated FAQs and points of contact where COVID-19 queries may be handled, be it online or over the phone. Keep members of staff updated. If they are well-informed, they will assist in transmitting messages of reassurance to guests.

Plan Ahead

Focus on the long-term and prepare for inevitable recovery. This too shall pass. It is simply a case of remaining safe, calm, informed, and considered in the meantime.

Be Flexible

Reassure guests that have already booked (or those considering booking) by highlighting more flexible terms. Consider reviewing all advertised packages and offers to highlight those that are “Pay Nothing Now” or “Free Cancellations”.




We are all upping the ante on housekeeping. Follow suit by taking thorough sweep across your business practices, promotional material, website, and product offerings. Take some time to work with your team to define and implement a path to recovery. Optimise and enhance all areas you can to ensure you are ready to get back to growth, as soon as the time comes.

Digital Marketing

Keeping in mind that this crisis is a threat to life, reconsider the message in your marketing campaigns. Add a more human touch. Look to reassure. Look to the future. Plan for the long-term, whilst managing your current campaigns and messages on a daily basis, ensuring they adapt as the situation progresses.

Promote Your Voucher Offering

Extend the validity of vouchers so that customers are reassured and can redeem their vouchers whenever is most suitable. Consider adding in extra offerings such as chocolates, prosecco, or dinner for two.

Hold Your Nerve

Try to avoid dramatic discounts. Instead, focus on added value, loyalty campaigns, book direct to reduce the cost of acquisition, staycations, and early booking campaigns. Promote booking now for Summer, Autumn or Winter 2020. For those who cancel, aside from not applying any financial penalty, consider offering an added reward if they decide to re-book at at later date.

It’s Good to Talk

Keep in touch with your digital partners to avail of the support they can provide. Together, we will see each other through this time of crisis.

All the team at The Brand Mix want to wish our colleagues in the hospitality industry all the best. Rest assured, we are here to help in any way we can. We are committed to supporting you and your team during this time of uncertainty. 

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