GoCardless is a UK Direct Debit payments processor, regulated by the FCA and sponsored by RBS. All data is encrypted and held securely in the UK on GoCardless servers.

There is no cost to the Customer. The Brand Mix (TBM) absorbs all costs.

TBM registers the Customer with GoCardless who then send an email invite to the Customer set up a Direct Debit Mandate to the benefit of The Brand Mix. This is a once-off simple set-up. The Direct Debit Mandate registration information is securely stored on GoCardless servers and includes the email address of the Payment Contact for the Customer.

We recommend a generic contact such as or in preference to that of an individual who may be on vacation at time of some monthly billing.

Once GoCardless set-up is complete, a variable amount will be debited by TBM each month per the balance in the statement within the TBM Management Console. Once GoCardless is notified of the amount to be debited, they automatically notify the Payment Contact of the amount to be debited. The Payment Contact may stop the payment at that time if any variation occurs.

The payment plan is as follows:

Invoice issued after month end. Between 1st and 5th of the month.

Customer may review the account from at minimum the 5th to the 9th of the month and advise TBM of any issues or revisions.

In1 apply the debit on the 9th of the month and an email is sent by GoCardless to the Customer Contact advising amount of debit. If any issue arises at this stage, the customer should contact The Brand Mix. The debit is applied to the customer account within approximately 3 to 5 days if not stopped by Payment Contact.

When payment is received into The Brand Mix bank account, the customer statement available in the The Brand Mix Management Console is updated.

We have found GoCardless to be an excellent service. Several of our Hotel Partners have further adopted it to meet their own onward Direct Debit processes. For more information, visit




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